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Jahmorly Reynolds created Mogulverse to mint a community of over 1000 millionaire moguls reinvesting back into their local communities.

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Changing the game For the Ambitious

What is Mogulverse?

Mogulverse is the community For the Ambitious.
We create platforms that help moguls monetize their knowledge and talent. With the $MOGULS currency, not only can moguls make money with our platforms, they now have an investment that delivers higher returns than traditional banks.

Make πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’° with Mogulverse platforms:

$MOGULS is not MLM, Ponzi, or network marketing driven.
The REAL value of $MOGULS is created from our BuyBack programs that frees us from the shackles of constant marketing. Our focus is creating REAL VALUE with $MOGULS as the default payment platform for moguls.

1000 Millionaires

on a mission to create 1000 community builders

Could it be you? The person that changes the future of your family and community! Our airdrop giveaways are designed to help 1000 of our moguls become millionaires.

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$Moguls Card


Pay your bills, buy new equipment or finally get that dream car. 😎

The $MOGULS Card will allow you to spend your $MOGULS anywhere.

what if you were apart of the next big thing? πŸ€”

$MOGULS Benefits

Backed by real business fundamentals

Mogulverse Portal, LLC is a registered Delaware company that develops revenue generating platforms. We don't rely on marketing & investor stacking for growth.

Investor protection is a top priority

From anti-bot technology, rug-pull prevention, code audits, GAAP audits, to holding ourselves to S-3 level SEC reporting in-case we IPO.

Hybrid traditional + Web3 advisory board

Mandated by our operating agreement, 50% of our advisory board will be split between 10+ years finance experts andΒ  diverse professionals in new tech.Β 

Built-in inflation hedge fund

$MOGULS has as an inflation fund to achieve price stability to ensure bots and malicious investors are disincentivized.

Transparent tracking of all activities

We host frequent livestream updates, getaways, as well as, list our wallets publicly so investors can track our activities.Β 

Developed for long term growth

$MOGULS is the base currency of Mogulverse. Pegged coins for interest yielding and dividend are on the way.

no lies, no hides - just transparency


Like traditional stock buybacks where a company like Apple uses some of their profit to buy their stock to lower supply and boost the stock value to reward investors, $MOGULS uses this strategy to reward you.

BuyBack Programs

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Hedge ETF 2.0

We stake 50% of profits earned from our hedge fund of stable-coins, NFTs, and projects we invest in.


Hedge Wallet

πŸ”’ 0x7208A6ECEEd32310aB94E59afD817e44632a8A66

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Mogulverse Apps

25% of quarterly profits from Moguls ID, Moguls VIP, Moguls TV, etc lower the liquidity pool.


BuyBack Wallet

πŸ”’ 0xd0Dda34e9F014B8E256f928e360FFE13a65D9037

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Auto Burning

Frequent random burning of $MOGULS by trading system to shrink the liquidity pool.


Burn History


Why are we putting our profits at risk for you?

Why expose profits to tax again? If we really believe in $MOGULS then why leave money in banks!
Also, when you stake $MOGULS,Β  "Uncle Sam" taxes the hell out of you. To help, our BuyBack program push the value of $MOGULS, while lowering your taxes by not having you always staking.
😎  Jahmorly


25% exchange listings & liquidity pool

20% unlocked at launch. 10% unlocked monthly - 105,000,000 $MOGULS

25% inflation hedge

15% unlocked at launch. 5% unlocked monthly - 105,000,000 $MOGULS

20% staking & 1000+ millionaire moguls

20% unlocked at launch. 10% unlocked monthly - 84,000,000 $MOGULS

10% company reserves

20% unlocked at launch. 10% unlocked monthly - 84,000,000 $MOGULS

15% team

0% vested at launch. 5% vested each month - 150,000,000 $MOGULS

4.95% marketing

Unlocked - 20,790,000 $MOGULS

.05% TrustSwap & minters

Unlocked - 2,100,000 $MOGULS

420 Million

$MOGULS In circulation
Fair Launch + Team Vested + Supply Locked

Long-Term Growth

The chart shows our planned phases of growth. Success can never be guaranteed. Talk to an advisor or tax expert.
  • $MOGULS + Card Launch
  • Crowdfunding
  • IPO
a real plan for the future

The Roadmap

  • gray = planned
  • green = completed
Q2 2022: Investor Safety
  • Crowdfunding Portal SEC/FINRA filing
  • Whitepaper release
  • Crypto contract audit
  • Inflation hedge & liquidity pool lockup
  • Team vesting
  • Fair Launch
  • Listing on exchanges (coin market cap, coingecko, etc)

Great care will be taken to ensure our systems are safe and best optimized for the ever-changing tax regulations. We incorporated in Delaware with the goal of IPO in the future, as well as, lowering tax burden.

To safely launch $MOGULS we decided on using the trusted launch-pad, TrustSwap.Β 

We are also securing the necessary SEC/FINRA approval for the future crowdfunding portal.

Q3 2022: Public Launch
  • Roadshow/marketing campaigns
  • $MOGULS as payment platform for content creators
  • Major exchange listings: Binance, Coinbase, etc
  • DOA community voting for governance

As with any respectable investment, the founding team and major movers will have a lockup period to ensure that investors are protected from dumping shares.

We will also be starting our investor roadshow, as well as, marketing campaigns with influencers, billboards and gorilla marketings.

$MOGULS will be promoted across Mogulverse as the default payment option. Users will be encourage to purchase $MOGULS with their earnings from our apps.

Q4 2022: Growth Phase
  • $MOGULS Card launch
  • $MOGULSAPY launch
  • Crowdfunding platform BETA
  • SPAC or traditional IPO discovery phase

As the community grows we will be scaling hiring, advisory board and entering the discovery phase of either IPO as a SPAC or the traditional route.

We will also be launching our crowdfunding platform to have $MOGULS as a LaunchPad for startups to raise funds with our Token DPA.

all moguls welcomed


Founding Team

Weekly Livestreams

Fridays we're live on Moguls VIP to provide updates on the roadmap, airdrops & more.

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#WeOutside - Let's getaway from the screens and have fun together.

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