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We Are Mogulverse.
Together We Do Good & Thrive.

As a community, the MOGULS of Mogulverse stand as beacons of hope – we come together with a shared purpose – to confront the daunting challenges of injustice, poverty, and unequal access to opportunities. 

In this defining moment, we cast aside selfish pursuits and foster a legacy of shared prosperity. Together, we will  rewrite the narrative of our time, we reject the notion of “greed is good”, instead, we herald a new dawn where prosperity uplifts humanity.

Our unity forms the foundation of robust communities, where solidarity knows no bounds. Our compass is set by the smiles of generations to come, as they inherit a world of progress and compassion.

Jahmorly Reynolds –  Chairperson, Mogulverse

Mogulverse is a community foundation helping charities and causes fuel the solutions our community needs to thrive.

Do Good & Thrive

Do Good & Thrive is our rallying call - the ethos that bonds our community together and the reminder that by doing good first we all thrive after.

What We Do

We highlight and provide funding/grants to charities, research, and individuals making a positive impact on society. 

Our Mission

We normalize the power everyone possess to be apart of the change they desire to see in the world. 

Our Guiding Principles

At the core of our philanthropic journey lies a steadfast commitment to ethics – a commitment that guides our every action. We hold ourselves to a higher standard, one defined by accountability, trustworthiness, and a profound respect for the government bodies, nonprofit organizations, businesses, and individuals, as we work together to forge a better tomorrow.

Our approach is rooted in humility – an understanding that true change is a collective effort. We stand as respectful partners, ready to learn, adapt, and grow. We value the power of diverse voices, cherishing the richness that different experiences and perspectives bring. By building robust and varied coalitions, we ensure that our impact is both powerful and inclusive.

How We Support Causes

Mogulverse has developed funds in the areas of equity, education & entrepreneurship to raise donations and grants for charities.

Scholarship grants by Mogulverse

Scholarship Fund

Making the dream of higher and continuing education accessible to our community.

Justice Fund

Justice Fund

Protecting the rights and opportunities of the most vulnerable of society.

Black business owners


Promoting  community development by spurring the growth of startups & local companies.

Create a Donor Advised Fund

Simplify your giving by gifting cash, stock, or other assets to open your DAF and receive an immediate tax deduction. Your charitable assets are invested and when you or your family are ready the profits go to the charities of your choosing.


Start a Corporate Fund

Empower your teams  and create a strong company culture by allowing employees or the company itself to pool together and support causes making a positive impact. Contributions are tax deductible, as well as, you can opt to receive updates.


Our Strategic Plan

The Mogulverse team partners with academia, analysts and other researchers to identify which areas of focus are needed to reach our goals. Together, we embark on a journey of exploration to discern the pivotal areas that demand our attention, as we strive to transform our goals into reality.

The challenges we face – the quest for equitable education, the drive for entrepreneurship, the pursuit of lasting equity – demand nothing less than a strategic plan with an audacious vision. Our commitment extends beyond the immediate horizon; it reaches into the future, ensuring sustainable growth that stands the test of time.

Embracing this purpose, we have woven a framework of three strategic pillars. These pillars, like the sturdy columns of a grand structure, support our endeavors:

Encouraging Advocacy

We raise our voices to amplify the cause. Through advocacy, we ignite conversations that propel change, igniting a movement that refuses to be silenced.

Advancing Equity

We break down barriers, ensuring that everyone has a fair chance at success. Equity is our cornerstone, and we work tirelessly to level the playing field.

Building Strong Communities

We understand that progress is a collective endeavor. By fostering robust communities, we create a network that uplifts, supports, and empowers.

The Team

JahSupreme Avatar

Jahmorly Reynolds

Co-Founder & Managing Partner


Can I give anonymously?

Yes, confidentiality stands as our unwavering commitment. We uphold the utmost level of discretion when it comes to fund information. Your trust is our cornerstone, and we hold it with the utmost respect.

Rest assured, we never divulge personal or financial information without the explicit consent of the donor. Your privacy is our priority, and we honor it without compromise.

In a world driven by transparency, we stand as a bastion of integrity. Your partnership with us is built on a foundation of trust, and we are dedicated to preserving that trust in every facet of our work. Your generosity deserves not just our gratitude, but also our steadfast commitment to safeguarding your information.

How are funds invested?

At Mogulverse, your charitable funds hold the power to make a lasting impact. You have the choice to invest in either an endowed or non-endowed fund, each offering a unique avenue for growth and giving.

Endowed Funds: Picture a legacy that endures through the ages. An endowed fund is an investment in permanence, designed to grow and flourish in perpetuity. The principal remains invested, generating returns that fuel a percentage of earnings available for grantmaking. With each passing year, your fund not only grows but also extends its reach, touching lives and making a difference for generations to come.

Non-Endowed Funds: Sometimes, immediacy is the key. A non-endowed fund is your gateway to swift impact. The entire balance is available for grantmaking at any given time, allowing you to address urgent needs and seize timely opportunities without delay. This option empowers you to make a direct and tangible difference when it matters most.

With Mogulverse, you’re in control. Choose from our seven distinct investment portfolios, each tailored to align with your values and aspirations. Your generosity finds its perfect match, and your charitable funds become catalysts for change.

Whether you opt for an enduring legacy or a rapid response, your contributions resonate far beyond the present moment. Join us in shaping a world where your giving is not just a donation; it’s a legacy, a beacon that illuminates the path of progress for countless lives.

What are the financial benefits of starting a fund?

At Mogulverse, every gift you bestow receives the utmost tax advantage. Our dedicated team of charitable giving experts stands ready to partner with you, alongside your trusted professional advisor, to orchestrate a strategic approach that maximizes your financial benefits.

Why should I give through Mogulverse?

Our commitment to your philanthropic journey is unwavering. With a profound understanding of the intricacies of charitable giving, we craft a tailored roadmap that aligns with your unique charitable giving profile. We recognize that your generosity should not only impact lives but also yield optimal financial advantages.

What is a community foundation?

A community foundation is a dynamic entity that serves as a bridge between philanthropic individuals, families, and organizations and the pressing needs of a specific geographic area or community. This type of foundation plays a pivotal role in channeling resources, expertise, and support to address local challenges, amplify opportunities, and enhance the overall well-being of the community it serves.

At its core, a community foundation is a hub of collective impact. It collaborates with local leaders, nonprofits, and stakeholders to identify key areas where assistance is needed the most. By pooling together resources from diverse sources, such as donors, grants, and investments, a community foundation creates a powerful force for change, supporting initiatives that foster social, educational, cultural, and economic growth.

In addition to grantmaking, a community foundation often engages in strategic planning, community engagement, and capacity building. It operates as a trusted steward of charitable funds, ensuring that contributions are effectively and responsibly utilized to meet the evolving needs of the community. This type of foundation not only addresses current challenges but also lays the groundwork for a sustainable and vibrant future, making it an essential cornerstone in the landscape of philanthropy and community development.

How can I support Mogulverse programs?

We would love to hear from you! Contact us at success@mogulverse.co or visit the contact us page.

What type of assets can I give to start a fund?

Embark on your philanthropic journey with flexibility and impact – Mogulverse opens the door to diverse possibilities. When it comes to starting your fund, virtually any asset can be a catalyst for change. From traditional forms of wealth like cash and securities (stock) to more intricate avenues such as life insurance, real estate, private foundation assets, and other complexities, your generosity knows no bounds.

Unleash the potential of your assets, transforming them into vehicles of progress. Whether you choose to convert securities into meaningful contributions or leverage the power of real estate for a purposeful cause, Mogulverse stands as your partner in amplifying your impact.

What types of funds is offered?

Mogulverse offers funds for scholarships, justice and entrepreneurship.

What kinds of administration services does Mogulverse provide for donors and companies?

First and foremost, we manage all the essential “back office” functions for your fund(s). You can rest assured that our dedicated team handles the intricate details, allowing you to focus on the impact you’re creating. Our user-friendly online donor portal becomes your window into your fund’s progress. Our team keeps it updated with accurate information on contributions, grants, investment earnings, and more, ensuring complete transparency.

When it comes to directing your support, we take every measure to ensure efficacy. Our meticulous due diligence process ensures that any nonprofit organization you choose to support holds the prestigious IRS-certified 501(c)(3) status and maintains good standing. Your generosity is a catalyst for change, and we ensure that it finds its way to organizations that align with your vision.

As you navigate your giving journey, our Donor Services Team stands ready to assist you during office hours. Whether you have inquiries, require guidance, or seek assistance, our team is a dedicated resource, ensuring your experience is seamless and your questions are answered promptly.

How much does it cost to establish a fund?

Embarking on your philanthropic journey with us begins with a commitment to impact. For individuals, the starting a donor advised fund has a balance minimum is set at $25,000, while nonprofit agency funds require a minimum of $50,000. These thresholds ensure that your generosity finds a solid foundation, allowing your contributions to make a meaningful difference.

Moreover, Mogulverse offers a plethora of programs designed to cater to various levels of giving. Our diverse range of donation options ensures that regardless of your capacity, you have the opportunity to give back to your community. These programs are a reflection of our dedication to inclusivity and our belief that every act of giving, no matter the size, has the power to create change.

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Join us in shaping a world where your philanthropy flourishes, where your contributions resonate with impact, and where your community reaps the rewards of your generosity. 

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