Elevate the Lives of Women and Children with Humanitarian & Grammy Nominated Singer Melky Jean

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At the heart of the Carma Foundation lies an unwavering commitment – a commitment that transcends boundaries and touches the very soul of humanity. Our mission is a symphony of compassion, a melody of hope that resounds across the Caribbean and the United States, breathing life into the lives of women and children.

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Melky Jean

With every beat of our collective heart, we embark on a journey of transformation. It’s a journey fueled by action, driven by dialogue, and destined for change – change that is tangible, change that is heartfelt, and change that makes a profound difference in the lives we touch. Imagine the faces of the women whose burdens are lightened, the children whose futures are illuminated – each one a testament to the power of our shared vision.

Through your support and our unwavering dedication, we are crafting a narrative of empowerment, resilience, and opportunity. As we stand united, let every action be a brushstroke of change, every dialogue a step toward understanding, and every moment a catalyst for progress. The Carma Foundation is not just an organization; it’s a movement of hearts, a symphony of transformation, and a legacy of love. Join us in shaping a world where the lives of women and children are adorned with hope, where their dreams are nurtured, and where their voices resonate with the promise of a brighter tomorrow.


 About Carma Foundation

The mission of the Carma Foundation is to measurably improve the lives of women and children in the Caribbean and the United States through, action, dialogue, and change.

Orphanage & Child Care Center: The Carma House is in a small village located in Léogane Haiti about 90 minutes outside of Port-Au-Prince. Decades ago Melky’s father adopted this orphanage and made it his mission to help these children.

Community Outreach Program: The Carma Foundation’s Community Outreach Program focuses on helping underprivileged children meet their dreams.

Scholarship Fund: We at the Carma Foundation believe that education is an important tool to help escape poverty and that is why we created the Carma Foundation Scholarship Fund.

Carma Make-Over Program: The Carma Makeovers assure that women are given a much deserved day of pampering. We may not be able to solve all their problems, but if we can turn their frowns into smiles.

Entrepreneurship Program: The Carma Foundation Entrepreneurship Initiative’s goal is to empower youth by helping young entrepreneurs get there business started along with helping existing entrepreneurs to grow their current business.

Carma Shoes Program: Carma has successfully delivered shoes to over 20,000 people in need. One of the first projects Carma foundation embarked on was putting a pair of shoes on all of the children’s feet in Haiti.

Carma Foundation 2023 Senior Makeovers

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