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Support a brighter tomorrow by making a meaningful contribution towards empowering the next generation of female leaders. Your generous donation will pave the way for 10 deserving scholarships, nurturing the growth of future female politicians. These courageous women will champion the cause of safeguarding our cherished democracy, ensuring equitable distribution of resources, upholding our fundamental civil rights, and fortifying both our local and national security. Join us in shaping a future that is strong, just, and harmonious – a legacy we can all be proud of. Your support matters, and together, we can make a lasting impact on the world we share.

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Sharon Nelson

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Step into the forefront of change and be the driving force behind a thriving democracy, equitable resource allocation, unshakeable civil rights, and the safeguarding of our local and national security. Your pivotal contribution today will ignite a transformation by offering 10 scholarships, meticulously crafted to shape the future architects of our political landscape. These scholarships will empower aspiring politicians with the strategic prowess needed to orchestrate impactful elections, craft visionary plans that serve the people, and lead with unwavering dedication.

Embark on this profound journey with us, supported by Civically Re-Engaged Women (CREW), a beacon of empowerment established in 2017. With a trailblazing legacy of women securing electoral victories, CREW is dedicated to nurturing women’s potential through unparalleled professional growth and leadership development. Your donation doesn’t just fund education; it propels a movement of change-makers who will redefine the trajectory of our nation. Join us in shaping a future where empowered women stand at the helm of progress, making a difference that resonates for generations to come.

Recent alumni successes such as Kristin Richardson Jordan (KRJ) who was elected as the City Councilwoman in Central Harlem in 2021 in NYC.  KRJ in her first run for public office soundly defeated an established and incumbent career politician – Bill Perkins. CREW offers quality, nonpartisan Candidate Training services via the Ruth Hassell-Thompson Institute of Civic Engagement.

A Few of CREW’s Notable Alumni:

  • Deputy Speaker, NYC Council, Diana Ayala
  • NYC Councilmember Carlina Rivera
  • NYC Councilmember Kristin Richardson Jordan
  • Fmr. Los Angeles Public Works Commissioner Aura Vasquez


About the Class:

Students  will receive:

  • Class instruction is 36 hours over a 12-week period
  • Students will execute and defend their “custom” plan for their campaign
  • Presentation skills and how to be more “strategic” and politically proficient
  • Review various aspects of campaign analysis and case studies
  • Sample creating (and receiving evaluations of) campaign websites, commercials, print ads, etc.
  • Networking with elected politicians, union leadership, senior government staff, and other candidates.
  • A certificate of completion.


Scholarship Tuition for Candidates Training Class:

Spring 2023 – $1850 (+ 150 Administrative fee) = $2,000


Spring 2023 Collaborators 

  • The Elizabeth Cady Stanton Trust
  • The Frederick Douglass Family Initiatives
  • Powerful Voices
  • Museum of Political Corruption.



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About CREW

Civically Re-Engaged Women was founded in 2017 and incorporated as an NYS National Nonpartisan Not-for-Profit organization (both 501 (c)3 and 501 (c) 4). We are fulfilling the next generation of what the National Women’s Political Caucus (NWPC) started in the 1970’s. In 2015, Sharon Nelson re-Incorporated the NYS Chapter of the NWPC which had gone defunct for 10 years and then became President shortly after incorporation.

From 2015-2020, The NWPC-NY and subsequently (in 2017) CREW hosted nonpartisan classes for Women interested in “Running for Public Office” at City University of New York (The Murphy Institute (2015-2017 then at the School of Professional Studies (2018-2020). The Class at CUNY was discontinued as a result of the Pandemic. In 2021, CREW launched the Ruth Hassell-Thompson Institute of Civic Engagement which is an online virtual vocational institute – allowing the institute a national presence and audience. Classes are hosted/available on the Professional Development channel of CREWTV. The classes are both live and on-demand for enrolled students.


The mission of CREW is to provide:

  • Candidate Training/Leadership professional development services
  • Specialty Conferences/forums/awareness activities/events for Women in Civic Engagement 


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