Join Activist Bennie Henry & NBA Legend Tim Hardaway Fight to End Youth Violence in Chicago

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In the heart of Chicago’s communities, a beacon of hope is shining brightly – The Support Group has united with the unwavering strength of Heartland Alliance. Together, they are waging a relentless battle against the tide of violence that threatens to engulf the city of Chicago. Through the transformative Leadership and Peace Academy Program, The Support Group is nurturing a cadre of teen Peace Ambassadors – young souls destined to become the catalysts of change, the architects of a safer, more harmonious tomorrow.

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Bennie Henry

With an unwavering commitment, this initiative is crafting the very essence of transformation. The mission is clear: to cultivate a generation of culturally adept Peace Ambassadors, armed with the power to infuse every facet of student, family, and community life with the virtues of peace and non-violence. By forging partnerships with international human rights and sports institutions, we are creating a symphony of change that resonates far beyond our city limits. Imagine the impact – six Chicago Public High Schools, a tapestry of diversity, each thread interwoven with the promise of change.

Over the next four years, we are not just touching the lives of a select few, but we are igniting a movement that will embrace every student within these hallowed halls. But our journey is not a solitary one. It’s a symphony of collective effort, a harmony of compassion, and a chorus of determination. As the future leaders of our world begin to take shape, we call upon you – the architects of change – to stand alongside us.

Your commitment, your dedication, and your belief in the potential of our youth are the building blocks of a better tomorrow. Let us unite, let us transform, and let us ensure that these Peace Ambassadors thrive, forging a legacy that will forever alter the course of our city and pave the way for the leaders, the dreamers, and the peacemakers of the generations to come.


About the Support Group

The mission of The Support Group (TSG), is to create an overall balance that will afford unlimited opportunities for young men and women to excel and succeed. This is accomplished through educational programs, team-building activities, athletic conditioning, enhancing critical thinking, and character building.

'The Support Group' hosting 'Lunch with a Leader' for Chicago Public Schools students

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