$MOGULS COIN is Your Way to DO GOOD & Earn

Doing good should not be limited to just donations or grants - the $MOGULS coin is a modern blueprint to raising money for charities making a positive impact while rewarding those who believe in doing good.

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Doing Good Without Borders



Mogulverse made $MOGULS a crypto because of the ability it allows you to participate and track our activity.

Investor Protection

$MOGULS protects from rug pulls, volatility abuse, and other problems other currencies face.

Voting Rights

An advantage of crypto is voting rights that allow you to get a say in which charities you support and the vision.


Charity is at the core of Mogulverse.

We leverage technology and community to transform lives.


$MOGULS is US dollar-based. Our goal is to ensure each $MOGUL is equal to 1 dollar.

Make an Impact

With $MOGULS you get to back projects and people that make a positive impact on society.


Asset Backed
Inflation Protection
Climate Impact
Voting Rights
Roadmap Transparency
US Dollar
BuyBack Fund


$MOGULS blends the best of traditional finance with the modern power of crypto and charity to create a new class of investing that is productive for investors and society.


35% liquidity pool

20% unlocked at launch. 10% unlocked monthly - 147,000,000 $MOGULS

25% inflation & buyback pool

15% unlocked at launch. 5% unlocked monthly - 105,000,000 $MOGULS

20% charity pool

Unlocked. - 84,000,000 $MOGULS

15% team

0% unlocked at launch. 5% unlocked each month - 63,000,000 $MOGULS

4.95% marketing

Unlocked - 20,790,000 $MOGULS

.05% TrustSwap & minters

Unlocked - 210,000 $MOGULS

420 Million

$MOGULS to ever exist
coin mockup



Inflation & BuyBack

Pool to protect from manipulation and buybacks.


Charity Pool

Track all the charities and organizations we donate to.


How it Works

Why doesn’t Mogulverse do the hype marketing?

Unlike the majority of cryptos, $MOGULS is a long-term project that is being built with real value as the core mission. A great product speaks for itself, thus the greatest marketing is word-of-mouth for a reason.

We want our value to speak for us, not some marketing campaign. We will invest in marketing, however, it’s only a tool to amplify our efforts at creating a community that actually has value.

How is my money protected with $MOGULS

$MOGULS will be tied to the United States dollar through the majority of our inflation hedge being backed by USDC and BUSD (US Dollar Backed Stablecoins). Unlike other coins, $MOGULS will not suffer a major drop in value if Bitcoin experiences another hack or big investors gaming the system.


Why is $MOGULS tied to the USD Dollar?

We take great care in ensuring that money charities are expecting to receive won’t lose value. A dollar earned on Mogulverse is a dollar that should be able to be spent digitally and in real life.

We are also hedging our US dollar investment by looking into acquiring the Yuan, Australian dollar and other emerging currency based coins. However, the majority of our inflation hedge pool will be US dollars.

Why create an Inflation Hedge?

Even though we believe in the decentralization of crypto, because we are a platform for people to make a living, we can’t afford to just “hope and pray” everything goes right and everyone acts in the benefit of others.

To take a more active role in protecting our community we have created the concept of a hedge that is actively managed to ensure that $MOGULS is backed by the USD, as well as, able to combat big whales.

How often does $MOGULS get burned?

Our goal is limit the supply of $MOGULS hourly. We are currently deploying a trading system that burns 1 BNB worth of $MOGULS per hour. We also burn portions of profits from our hedge fund and Mogulverse buyback fund. We do not disclose the specific timing or amounts of the fund burned to protect $MOGULS from bots and whales.

Stocks have had the problem of earning calls where a company reports great numbers, but the stock goes lower because of manipulation by large investors. We’ve seen this non-sense enough to not make that mistake in the world of crypto.


Is $MOGULS cheap?

Our aim is to keep $MOGULS affordable, however, we have no control over the interest of the public to purchase and hold $MOGULS.

Is there a fee for buying $MOGULS

Short answer is yes. However, we are not in charge of that, if we had the option we would make all transactions for $MOGULS free. We have to reward the people doing the hard work of making transactions happen, so there is what is called “gas” to make transactions happen.

Side-note: its weird all this eco-conscious talk by the crypto community, but even in crypto fossil fuels win. The system should really change “gas fee” to “Telsas fee, tels fee, volt fees, etc” since the system runs on electricity pioneered by Tesla.

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