Mogulverse LOVES Security 🥰

No technology platform is un-hackable – being realistic with our investors and supporters is apart of our “TRUTH is TRUTH” philosophy at Mogulverse. Not lying to ourselves releases us from ego and opens our team to the freedom of analyzing our weaknesses and doing the work required to protect our community.

Based on our dedication to providing real value and showcasing the true power of crypto our platform will be targeted by bad actors and the competition (yes it does happen – Uber used to have bots requesting Lyfts, Apple purposely doesn’t make iMessage available on Android – Truth is Truth and at Mogulverse we know its inevitable.)

So what are we doing?

1). Business Continuity Plan

  • 99-100% Service uptime planning.
  • Corporate contingency planning – founder death, board disputes, value employees leaving, etc…
  • Corporate Insurance.
  • Hard Wallet safety.
  • Legal defense fund.
  • Energy independence.

2). Service Security

  • DDos Protection (currently Cloudflare).
  • Only static sites for production servers to significantly reduce hacking.
  • Daily server scanning for malware.
  • 0-day exploit scanning and patching.
  • PCI compliance.
  • All traffic SSL/TLS 1.3 encrypted.

3). Investor Security

  • S-3 level accounting reports – financial regulatory level reporting for publicly traded companies.
  • Investor calls with reporting on all financial activities, milestones and strategic planning.
  • Mandatory advisor board of 50% financial experts and technology innovators to ensure ideas are debated and only the best legal, long term, and financially beneficial ideas are implemented.