Mogulverse State of the Union 2023

From the Founder

During the darkest times, there are moments that define us, moments when we choose the path of justice over the allure of gain – the only path to a brighter future. Mogulverse was founded as a community where the best of humanity can be inspired and find the tools necessary for our community to band together and take on the challenges of these dark times.

Mogulverse is a global community of doctors, creators, athletes, firefighters, executives, teachers and every-day heroes willing to fight poverty, climate change, lack of opportunities and protect the future for our children. A future that begins with the first step of moving away from being obsessed with material gains towards a future where compassion, innovation, and collective progress reign supreme. Our community is a testament to the power of unity, and what we will achieve together will set precedence for generations to come.

As we launch Mogulverse, let us remember that as a community we are a movement. I urge you all to embrace this moment, to stand tall as the Mogulverse community, and to nurture the flame of our collective purpose. Together, we will not only rewrite the narrative of “greed is good” — a narrative that places being caring for your fellow human at its heart.

- Jahmorly Reynolds, founder of Mogulverse

2023-24 Roadmap

Q4 2023: Introduce Mogulverse to the World

Our official launch will begin in the month of October 2023 with a strong social media and content marketing push to spread the message of Mogulverse to the public. Our goal is to craft stories that resonate with the hearts of millions, not for profit alone, but to inspire change, provoke thought, and challenge the status quo. Our messaging will excite a global network of executives, athletes, creators and other MOGULS who lead with empathy, knowing that a thriving society is the ultimate dividend.

We will accomplish this goal via:

  1. A strong social media presence on LinkedIn, Instagram and TikTok.
  2. Content partnerships with influencers, athletes, and charities.
  3. Strategic search engine marketing on Google, Bing and other platforms.
  4. Growth hacking and digital advertising in partnership with our agency partner: Cultural Relevance

Q2 2024: Launch $MOGULS Coin Crypto for Global Donations

Everyday heroes should be able to Do Good & Thrive without limitations. With the launch of $MOGULS Coin you, me, and every MOGUL who calls the Mogulverse home will be able to donate to causes, research, and organizations pushing society for positive. $MOGULS Coin will allow their activism to be represented by a US Dollar backed crypto that will allow charities around the world to receive donations from the community without the restrictions of the current model.

Q4 2024: First Annual Mogulverse Awards

Mogulverse will set a standard for excellence by hosting a awards ceremony celebrating organizations and MOGULS who operate in utmost transparency, ensuring their words matches their actions, and community activism. The public will be able to vote and interact with the charitable efforts of their favorite athletes, influencers and other MOGULS making an impact in their communities.

More details for the annual celebration TBD.